One of the most important tools and, at the same time, the symbol for the shoemakers craftsmanship is the last. It serves the shoemaker as an abstract copy of the human foot and as a working surface on which he forms the upper plastically. That is why a good last is essential for a perfect shoe. The orthopedic correct fit of the shoe is due to the last, so it is responsible for the shoes shape and wearing comfort.

Our ORTHOFORMA last-service is characterized by a wide range of models of the widths, springs and sizes within one series. Resulting from our extensive last depot, we are able to serve your special last wishes immediately. By immediately we mean indeed "immediately": your ordered lasts will be sent to you the same day. You don't even have to choose the last yourself – our last-team will choose the appropriate last fitting the footprint you sent us. If anything, only minor rework on the last is required.

ORTHOFORMA-lasts serve as basic models for production of orthopedic shoes and custom-made shoes. Our last models are available from stock. Special sizes and widths can be ordered quickly from the factory.
  • Last delivery according to footprints - our specialty. (Standard lasts. The variety of ORTHOFORMA-models allows us to take account of the existing deformities. The orthopedic work remains your task.)
  • We do not only deliver pairs but also single lasts.
  • Most models are three-part lasts.
  • Delivery straight from the depot.

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Our ORTHOFORMA-sign and the decades of experience guarantee a fast and exemplary processing of your order.


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