Leather of the finest and the most valuable quality and a first class workmanship are the requisite for made-to-measure footwear of first class quality.

Leather breathes, it stretches itself, and it ensures a balancing of heat. It has itself cut, sewed, pulled, and stretched. Leather is a grown natural product. The different textures of the surfaces with fine color differences, signs of insect stings, and grains, are no defects but marks of its authenticity and its naturalness. That is why each piece of leather and every shoe is always a genuine unique specimen.

  1. All Minke leathers fully meet the strict PCP regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  2. Furthermore, no AZO dyes are used, their production and sale is prohibited according to the 2nd Ordinance amending the Commodities Regulation 15.07.1994 of the Federal Republic of Germany.

MINKE upper leather:

  • CANGOO kangaroo leatherCE-Minke 2012
  • ARGO & ARGO QUEENS cow leather
  • MC FANCY calf leather
  • SEGETIA boxcalf
  • SOFTY-KID goat leather
  • SANTIAGO suede goat leather
  • STRONGPROOF strong cow leather
  • ÖCHSLE cow leather
  • PABLO calf leather
  • ELANO elk leather
  • THESSA cow leather
  • TARNI water buffalo
  • MATTÉ lamb nappa
  • SALMON salmon leather
  • ESPINO stingray
  • CREPA catfish
  • CARONANI printed leather
  • NETFLEX elastic material

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“Good walking in leather” gut-zu-fuss-in-leder

Are you familiar with our upper catalog? Here you can find an extensive overall view of our fashionable made-to-measure footwear.

We would be delighted to have your interest.

Colors - an expression of personality

The great diversity of our color leather program offers your customers the opportunity to realize their own personal desires. This means that every shoe is a valuable piece of equipment which is designed entirely by the personal style and taste of your customers.

Our color chart "A colorful selection" can be sent on request free of charge.

cangoo   01
Espino   Elano
Caronani   03

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